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I hope you all like my cartoons. i work really hard with what limited artistic abilities i have. thank god people are usually satisfied with what they see. i try to make my cartoons draw the eye, like they're eye catching.



It was freezing out, but Prince kept on patrolling the streets. He sensed strong witch auras and thought Michael was out hunting, but he's dealing with too much stress to be out fighting witches now. It'll only weaken his Soul Gem.

He finds a good spot to open a portal to a witch's barrier and jumps through. He looks through the labyrinth frantically only to find Michael struggling against a group of familiars. He fires an arrow at one attacking him and quickly jumps in the middle of the scuffle.

“AAAUUGH!” He slashed his sword into a familiar, and ran out of the scuffle in search of the witch.

“MIKE, WAIT!” Prince ran after him, tears began forming in his eyes, and he wasn't sure why.

When Michael found the witch, he attacked it with a vicious fury that Prince had never seen before.

He feared for his soul.

The witch thrashed about as Michael fought ferociously, slashing at it with multiple swords, there was a look in his eyes he'd never seen, cold, intense, inhuman. It seemed like he was taking his frustration out on it.

He ran towards him.


He grabbed Michael from behind, holding him tight against his chest. Michael struggled, biting and kicking, thrashing, and shoving, but Prince held on tighter and tears streamed down his face and he gritted his teeth. The labyrinth collapsed around them.



Michael thrashed around for another minute before slowly giving into the embrace, much to his own chagrin.

“Are you fucking insane?! Are you trying to overpower your soul gem?!”

It took them a minute to realize the witch didn't drop a grief seed.


“So no grief seed...” Prince sighed.

It was raining, they just stood there for a few minutes, forgetting about their position.

Michael started to cry. He felt like his world was slowly crumbling around him.

“It's all my fault. It's my fault Joseph's in the hospital, my wish ruined everything...” He sobbed.

“It's not your fault, Kyubey tricked you. He tricked both of us.”

“But yours doesn't have any consequences at all, how could he-”

“It doesn't matter.” Prince cut him off. He forced himself to smile, for Michael's sake. His sobs started coming out in hiccups.

“It's gonna be alright, you'll be alright.”

Michael struggled to stop crying till he was just sniffling.

Prince gave him an exasperated smile and rested his hand on Mike's cheek. He grabbed Michael's hand and they made their way back home.

He tried to take Prince's words to heart, he wanted to believe it so much, but...
Musical Entropy chapter 17
I'm so sorry it took me this long to get this chapter out, most of it was due to lack of inspiration, motivation, and just being lazy. The next chapter should be better.
How do you overcome embarrassment from being caught talking to yourself? I'm asking for a friend.
well of course, i get started on finishing musical entropy chapter 17 now that i finally have time and I'm fucking stuck
Arenite (Sandstone) by LaurenKatz
Arenite (Sandstone)
I made Ariella a gemsona, Arenite. Some of her design elements are based off actual Golems, specifically the Golem of Prague, like the star of david on her chest and the hebrew on her forehead, which says “Truth”.

She’s a unique gem because her gem isn’t her actual life source, the Hebrew on her forehead is, and she’s the only full gem created on earth who isn’t from a Kindergarten. If the Aleph on her forehead gets shot, she dies. Her gem is in the center of her chest and it’s meant to hold her weapon, a longbow shaped like a menorah.
i just realized it's been a year since i first posted Musical Entropy, woah. I gotta finish that shit, i'm soooooo close to being done, yet so far.


Lauren Katz
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Hi everyone. My name's Lauren Katz. I'm a cartoonist who occasionally dabbles in writing. I've been drawing since i was 3 and writing since 10th grade. I grew up mostly on classics like Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Felix the cat, and Betty Boop. Also lots of the 90's cartoons like Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Hey Arnold, etc.

I used to want to be a cartoon character so bad when i was little that i figured that i should make my own characters that i could relate to, so instead of trying to be like them, they were already me, or small parts of my personality.

I'm inspired primarily by Peanuts and South Park. Peanuts because I like that kind of sweetness and sentimentality in my comics, a sort of innocence i like in my comics and artwork. South Park because of the subject matter my art will occasionally touch, and i usually try to give it a certain sweetness regardless, or with some sort of moral.

Well that's enough about me for now. Feel free to browse my gallery ^_^


Current Residence: Eureka California
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Alternative rock, Jazz, Classical, Experimental, Funk, Broadway showtunes
Favourite style of art: cartoons, neo classical, art deco, abstract, surreal, Armenian
Favourite cartoon character: Kyle Brofvlovski
Personal Quote: Nem!
I'm sorry about the lack of updates on Musical Entropy, I haven't given up on it, if there's one thing that fic is gonna be is finished. I've just been struggling with a lot of stuff emotionally, and combined with the fact i HAD a page started but it got deleted, i had lost motivation, not to mention i didn't really remember what i wanted to do in the chapter. I'm forcing myself to write, little by little, don't worry it'll get done.
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