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I hope you all like my cartoons. i work really hard with what limited artistic abilities i have. thank god people are usually satisfied with what they see. i try to make my cartoons draw the eye, like they're eye catching.



really wanna write trill league fic
Michael enters the recording studio with Quincy Jones in tow.

'Not really sure what I'm doing here, I'm just not feeling it today...'

Quincy looks over to him, his expression looks hard, and he's looking down at the floor, his eyelids heavy. Michael looks deep in thought.

“You ready, Mike?”

He looks up at Quincy. “Huh?”

“You feelin' ok? You look stressed.”

Michael fiddles with his hands and looks over at Quincy.

“Yeah, I'm fine.”

They both set up the recording booth and he and Michael work on a track. Michael sings at the top of his lungs.

“Quincy, the acoustics in here suck.”

“What do you mean? They're fine, Mike.”

*Knock knock*

Quincy gets up to open the door.

“That's weird, I'm not expecting any-wait...”

“Prince! What a pleasure!”

Prince stood there sheepishly, kind of awkwardly leaning his weight on one leg and he kind of had his hands behind his back too. He looked nervous.

“Hey, Quince, you guys busy?”

“Kind of, Mike's been complaining about the acoustics and...”

He drowns Quincy out and focuses on Michael. Michael's got his head turned away from the two of them. Michael glances over at Prince. Prince catches Michael's gaze, looking exposed, and turns back to Quincy.

“Hey, uh, is it OK if I talk to Michael for a bit? Alone?”

“Oh, sure, OK.”

Michael gave Quincy a slightly distressed look as he left the room but Quincy didn't look back at him.

Two minutes pass and neither say anything. They just stare at each other.

“So, uh, what's up?” Prince asks, breaking the silence.

“Uh, nothing much, just trying to get some songs done.”

“I see...”

His eyes wander around the room and back to Michael.

“Well, I came because I realized we never hang out outside of fighting witches, and I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime, just doing whatever...”

He trailed off, waiting for Mike to respond. There was something different in the way Michael looked at him. His eyes looked cold and distant. Prince tried to maintain a soft smile, as much as he could muster.

“That sounds like fun, but I've got a lot of work to do.”

His smile started to fade. “Oh, uh....Ok.”

“I'm sorry.”

“Yeah, problem, I understand.”

They both just stood there for a bit, not looking at each other. The tension in the room was thick.

Prince thought to himself, 'What the hell? Why's he making this so uncomfortable?!'

“Well, if you don't mind, I'd like to get back to work.”

“Sure, alright...” Michael swiftly led Prince out the door, closing it on his way out.

'That son of a bitch...' Prince thought as he stormed out of the building, passing Quincy in the hall

Quincy asked, “What happened?! What's wrong?”

“His royal highness, that's what fuckin' happened.”

Prince storms out of the building

. 'What's his deal?!'

Kyubey chases after him.

“I told you something was wrong with him.”

Prince responds telepathically,

'Shut up! He's probably just stressed from working. It's not easy fighting witches and being an entertainer, you know.'

“Even so, I would still be careful around him if I were you.”

Prince smirked to himself.

'Empathy? That doesn't sound like you at all.'

Kyubey didn't respond and continued to follow Prince back to the car.

Prince pondered the incident on the way home.

'I shouldn't have lashed out like that, but it was just so weird. Mike's never acted like that before, I hope it really is just the stress from work messing with him.'


“Quincy, I'm done for tonight.” He takes off his headphones and exits the recording booth.

“Hey, what the hell was the matter with Prince? He just stormed out of here pissed off. Did you guys fight or something?”

“Huh? No, nothing happened, he wanted to hang out with me, I told him I was too busy and I politely asked him to leave.”

“Are you sure you were polite about it? Because he looked really pissed.”

Mike bit the inside of his mouth, and responded with,

“He's just being a drama queen and looking for attention, no surprise, he's always been that way.”

“If you say so, Mike.”

Later that evening, Michael sits in his room watching TV and flips through the channels aimlessly.

He thinks about what he said to Prince.

'He deserved it, I don't see what the big deal is.' Michael pulls out his soul gem and it's looking a little darker than usual.

'He probably only wants to hang out with me because he feels sorry for me.'

“He really does care about you. He wanted to spend time with you. You were unreasonable.” Kyubey says. Michael just shrugs Kyubey off.

“I'll never understand human emotions. Your behavior makes no sense at all.”
Michael rolls his eyes and replies,

“Ok, riddle me this, Mr. Spock; if you don't understand human emotions, then how do you know he cares about me?”

“I'm an analytical being. Just because I can't feel emotions for myself doesn't mean I can't understand them from how they look on others. It's in his body language whenever he's around you or talks about you.”

Michael's eyes go wide at the idea of Prince really caring enough to want to be around him outside of fighting, and not out of pity, but something was keeping him from embracing the thought fully.

'But...can I really trust him?'

“I just don't understand why emotions are necessary.”

Michael looks over at Kyubey and smirks.

“Trust me, I'm sure there there's lots of humans who think the exact same thing.”

'I don't know...'
Musical Entropy chapter 10
Ariella Gibora by LaurenKatz
Ariella Gibora
Practicing with shadowing on my magical girl.
Don't know if anyone cares about this story anymore but i sure do. Just wanna get back into the flow of it again.
  • Mood: Excited
  • Listening to: The Black Album-Prince
  • Reading: Les miserables
  • Watching: something madoka related probably
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Lauren Katz
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Hi everyone. My name's Lauren Katz. I'm a cartoonist who occasionally dabbles in writing. I've been drawing since i was 3 and writing since 10th grade. I grew up mostly on classics like Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Felix the cat, and Betty Boop. Also lots of the 90's cartoons like Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Hey Arnold, etc.

I used to want to be a cartoon character so bad when i was little that i figured that i should make my own characters that i could relate to, so instead of trying to be like them, they were already me, or small parts of my personality.

I'm inspired primarily by Peanuts and South Park. Peanuts because I like that kind of sweetness and sentimentality in my comics, a sort of innocence i like in my comics and artwork. South Park because of the subject matter my art will occasionally touch, and i usually try to give it a certain sweetness regardless, or with some sort of moral.

Well that's enough about me for now. Feel free to browse my gallery ^_^


Current Residence: Eureka California
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Alternative rock, Jazz, Classical, Experimental, Funk, Broadway showtunes
Favourite style of art: cartoons, neo classical, art deco, abstract, surreal, Armenian
Favourite cartoon character: Kyle Brofvlovski
Personal Quote: Nem!
Don't know if anyone cares about this story anymore but i sure do. Just wanna get back into the flow of it again.
  • Mood: Excited
  • Listening to: The Black Album-Prince
  • Reading: Les miserables
  • Watching: something madoka related probably
  • Eating: chicken soup

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