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I hope you all like my cartoons. i work really hard with what limited artistic abilities i have. thank god people are usually satisfied with what they see. i try to make my cartoons draw the eye, like they're eye catching.



1. Can you swim?
Kind of, I don't like swimming though.

2. Are you a clean or messy person?
Very messy

3. Would you ever want to learn to fly?
Heck yeah! Superpowers!!

4. Are you good at cooking at all?

5. If you were forced to pick, who is your favorite OC?

6. Do you prefer tea, coffee or cocoa?
Tea and Cocoa

7. The beach or the mountains?

8. What is something you fear most?
Heart attacks, dying alone,

9. What is your favorite crack pairing? (OC or otherwise)
SwiftFreeze, you don't know it yet but the comic they're in is still developing. They aren't my OC's, they're from a comic called The Trill League that basically makes superhero clone versions of famous black musicians and singers. Swift is a clone of Michael Jackson and Purple Freeze is a clone of Prince.

10. Is art just a hobbie, a way to vent, or a possible job for you?
All three
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Stop Hitting Yourself by LaurenKatz
Stop Hitting Yourself
WOOOOOOW how long has it been since I've posted an original comic? for-friggin-ever. I was working literally all day on my english and this was my way of helping my poor brain recuperate. I actually took this joke off of tumblr XP

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
Michael made his contract when he was 13. He and Rebbie continue fighting alongside each other for a long time.

“Nice shot, Mike!” she called out as he shot a psychic energy wave at a familiar, on the way to the center of a labyrinth. There was fog and tall black pillars everywhere. He and Rebbie were leaping from pillar to pillar.

Michael harnessed his focus again. He had been using his swords too much and needed to try more magical-based combat at this point. At this point he's been a Mahou Shonen for two years. It wasn't that he never used his psychic abilities, but his swords were just more convenient.

But now he felt like he was getting better, especially while on foot.

The coast was clear when they reach the center of the labyrinth.

The witch was a giant grave stone with runes written on it. Its familiars were hordes of zombies. The witch itself was weak, all it could do was command its minions to attack them.

Rebbie’s ahead of Michael and notices a couple familiars in the mist rush past her,

“Look out, Mike!”

“I got it!” He summons a psychic energy wave, lashing it out with his hands at the familiars. He sees more through the fog coming toward Rebbie.

“These ones are yours!” Mike calls over to her.

“I’m on it!”

She spin-slashes the familiars with her scythe, cutting them in half. They can see the witch through the fog, it’s towering over the clouds.
Michael catches up to her, following side by side as they leap from pillar to pillar. He starts to go a little more ahead of her, and he catches grave stones materializing out of nowhere shooting at them.

“AAH!” Mike narrowly dodges them, they’re coming in pretty fast, he even leaps on a few to try dodging them.

They shoot past him, and still floating in mid-air, he calls out,


“Huh?” The grave stones rush past her, and before she can even think, a gravestone hits her arm



The gravestone hit her soul gem, causing it to shatter. She turns back into her regular clothes and descends down into the mist of the labyrinth.

“Rebbie?! Where are you?! REBBIE??!!” He doesn’t hear a word from her.

He starts to think to himself, ‘I wonder if she fell.’

He floats down into the thick mist and he can hardly see anything, not above the clouds nor the ground.

Once he finally reaches the ground, he calls to her and searches the ground,

“Rebbie! Are you OK?! Did you get hit by those-” He stops mid-sentence to find her lying on the ground in her civilian clothes.

“Rebbie!” He runs toward her body, he’s a little too dazed to realize she’s now in her regular clothes.

“Rebbie! Are you alright?! Wake up!” He gently shakes her, but gets no response.

“Uh, come on, Rebbie, get up…”

He shudders and under his breath says “R-Rebbie…please wake up…” He starts to shake her harder, no response.

He then realizes he should probably check her pulse. He puts two fingers to her wrist but hears nothing.

“No, this…this can’t be!” He looks down to her side to find the shell of her soul gem completely broken.

“Oh my, this is really bad.” He hears Kyubey call from behind.

“Is that all you have to say?! Come on, please don’t let Rebbie die!”

Kyubey just sighs.
“There’s nothing that can be done about it now that her soul gem is destroyed.”

“But-but-” He looks down at her cold, lifeless body and holds it in his arms. He begins to tear up.

“Oh my god…” He chokes back tears, but it’s all building up inside now.

“She knew what she was getting into when she made her contract, it was only a matter of time.”

“H-How am I going to explain this to the f-family?” He mutters. He begins to sob and shake, holding Rebbie’s body tighter.

“I’m not sure.”

Michael rolls his eyes at the indifferent creature’s response to all this.

“Well, gee, thanks for the help.” He says sarcastically. Kyubey just gives him one of its blank looks.

With his legs, he lifts himself up, carrying her body.

The labyrinth begins to disappear around them till they’re back behind the backwoods of the house. Michael transforms back into his regular clothes and carries Rebbie to the house. Michael thought to himself,

‘This is messed up, I shouldn’t be doing this…’ His heart felt heavy. The crescent moon illuminated the backwoods and cast a light on Michael’s back, creating an interesting silhouette.

‘But if I don’t, who will? They’ll wonder what happened to her eventually.’ He trudges up to the back of the house.

‘I sound so messed up, this whole thing feels so wrong. She should still be alive, walking home with me, not hanging from my arms like some limp rag doll.’

He looks up at the moon and the wind blows through his hair. He sighs and turns back to the house.

‘I gotta get someone’s attention…’ He walks to Latoya’s window. He picks up a rock and throws it at the glass.

Latoya vaguely hears a knocking on her window, she slowly wakes from sleep to go to the window. She opens the window to see Michael down there.

“Latoya, come down here, get Janet too, I need to show you something.” It’s too dark for Latoya to see Michael carrying Rebbie’s body.

She rubs her eyes and says, “Why can’t you come up here? You can fly, can’t you?”

He suddenly remembers, but figures he wouldn’t be strong enough in his regular form for the most part to lift Rebbie and float upstairs, he says,

“I need to conserve my energy. Look, c-can you please just get Janet and come down here, i-it’s an emergency.” The tone in his voice was filled with a shakiness, mixed with worry and sadness. Latoya left her window and went to Janet’s room to get her. They tiptoe down stairs, Janet whispers,

“What’s wrong?”

Latoya responds in a hushed voice, “Mike said it was an emergency.”

They make their way out back. The blistering cold wind causes them to shiver, making them realize they forgot their jackets.

“What’s the matter-OH MY GOD!” Latoya screams even at the vague silhouette of Rebbie’s body hanging from Michael’s arms. She runs over to them. Janet’s eyes are still adjusting to the darkness and she doesn’t quite see right away.

“What’s wrong Lato-*GASP*” She catches the sight of Rebbie’s corpse.

Michael doesn’t look his sisters in the eyes, he can’t bring himself to. They just stand there quietly in the darkness for a couple minutes. Janet is the first to break the silence.

“Is…is she…”

Michael tries to stifle his cries, but little sobs still manage to escape him.


Latoya puts her arm around Janet. Janet’s eyes begin to tear up. She buries her face in her hands and breaks down. Latoya starts crying too.

“Why, Michael?” Janet sobs.

He finally responds, with tears streaming down his face,

“Her soul gem got hit with a projectile…and she went down.”

The girls cry even harder at the news, which results in Michael finally breaking down in full blown tears as well.

Latoya quietly asks between sobs,

“So, what are we gonna do with the body?”

Michael tries to choke down his cries, but they come out as muffled squeaks.

‘Wait, I can’t be crying too, someone’s gotta be composed here.’

Michael coughs, and says,

“Well, they’re gonna need to know eventually, they’ll wonder what happened to her.”

“B-But-” Janet hesitated.

“What, Janet?” Michael asks.

“What, well…what are we gonna tell them when they ask how she died?”

He never thought of that.


Latoya interjects,

“We need to tell them the truth!”

Janet nods in agreement, but still looks distressed.

“Yeah, she’s right!”

“Uhh…” Michael looks down at Rebbie’s body.

“How do you expect me to explain how she died?! At best they’ll think I’m crazy and not believe me, or at worst they’ll call me an abomination, disown me, or…” He shivered at the third option.

“Why would they call you an abomination?” Janet asks,

Michael shrugs, and replies, “People are just afraid of things they don’t understand, sometimes.”

There weren’t any cuts and bruises on her, no sign of struggle or anything. How was he gonna lie about the circumstances of her death? Certainly opting for a more believable reason, such as getting hit by a car, would be more believable if she actually looked hurt, but she was in pristine condition.

“I’m just gonna say that I found her like this.”

“But why lie to them?!” Janet barked.

“Maybe he has a point, Janet. They aren’t gonna believe she was hit by a car, let alone killed by one of the devil’s minions.”

The look in Janet’s eyes looks pitiful.

“But you said-”

“I know I just said I felt like he should tell the truth, I changed my mind. He’s right, the truth is just too far blown to be believed, plus I can’t imagine how they’d react if they DID believe it. Plus, look at her, do you think they would believe any lies we could tell, such as getting hit by a car? Wait, what if we said she got into some pills or something?”

Michael shook his head, “They’d pump her stomach.”

“Oh, right.”

Michael walks ahead of them.

“So, it’s agreed, we tell them we just found her here like this?”

The girls both solemnly nod in agreement. They all walk back toward the house. Leaves and sticks crunch under their feet and the chilly night air gives them shivers and goosebumps.

Michael felt sick, both physically and mentally. This whole scenario felt wrong in so many ways, trying to convince his sisters to help him lie about the circumstances of Rebbie’s death.

‘Who am I to drag them into it?! They’re totally innocent in all this…’ But Michael felt like he would have gone nuts if he didn’t tell SOMEONE, and Janet and Latoya were the only ones besides Rebbie who knew about witches. Where else was he to turn?

‘I’m a total coward, that’s what I am…’


He snaps out of his thoughts and turns to Janet.

“Are you gonna keep fighting those things after what happened?”

Michael sighs, and nods.

“I’ve got to, I’m the only one left who can stop them.”

Kyubey steps in, “You know, if you two want to help Michael, you could just make a contract with me.”


“They’re not doing that! I can’t risk letting them get hurt out there!”

“But will you really be OK by yourself?” Latoya asks.

“I…I’ve got to, I got no choice.”

Janet responds, “But, Michael-”


He chokes back tears,

“You do too, Michael, I know you do.”

“Janet’s right, and don’t you think we feel the same way about you?”

Michael froze.

Latoya continues, “We worry you won’t come home whenever you’re out there! Don’t you think that could have been you instead?!”

Michael sniffs.

“Don’t you consider your own life precious? With all that’s happened, why would you-”

He grabs her shoulders and shakes her a little,

“LATOYA, PLEASE!!” He shouts with tears running down his face.

“I can’t give up, I want to keep protecting you, and the family, the best I can. Someone’s gotta take out these witches, and I’m not gonna let you risk your lives, not when I’ve already been doing it for two years now.”

Latoya just sighs and leads Janet into the house. Latoya turns to him and says,

“I guess there’s no point in stopping you now, then.”

He slowly shakes his head, “No.”

Michael follows behind them.

That morning they break the news to Kathrine and Joseph. They explain that they just found her like that in her bed. Kathrine broke down into shrieking sobs while Joseph held her. The ambulance came and took her body away and word got out about her death quickly. By the end of the day, it was all over the news. The entire family was quiet the rest of that day.


“So, what’s the point of you recounting these memories in the first place?”

He just stares up at the ceiling, not turning to face Kyubey, and replies,

“I guess…I just wanna retrace my steps, find out why my skills haven’t gotten any better since her death.”

“True, you’re a very average fighter compared to Prince.”

Mike just rolled his eyes and scoffed at the creature.

“You aren’t helping.”
“Well, it’s true that sadness affects magical energy output, helping soul gems get darker faster. Could it be your inability to cope with Rebbie’s death has affected your skills in battle?”

“Yeah, that sounds about right, but…” He looks at his soul gem, it’s a little dingy but not too bad.

“It’s not like I’m in a total rut, I’ve become more agile, but my psychic powers have gotten weaker.”

“And your reaction time isn’t what it was when you first started.”

“Is dishing criticism all you can do?”

“I only tell the truth, Michael.”

Michael just sighs, it’s hopeless trying to reason with this thing. Then he gets an idea.

“Kyubey, what did Prince wish for?”

“That’s classified information.”

“What, it’s against the rules to tell anyone?”

“No, he just asked that I not tell.”

“What?! Uughhh!” Michael groaned. He sighed, then said,

“Haha, I’ll bet he wished for something obvious, like to be the best musician or something, or for women to fall head over heels for him with just one look.” He grinned to himself, and Kyubey just sat there still.

“Hehe, they sound like things he’d wish for, selfish shallow things like that.”

“You’re one to talk, Michael.”

He turned to Kyubey and retorted,

“At least my wish offered me some protection so I could get stronger!”

“And look how far it’s gotten you.”

Mike grumbled, and said,

“My wish may have been selfish, but it wasn’t shallow! If I look after myself, then I’ll be able to protect my loved ones more easily. Plus, I’m still alive, aren’t I? My wish wasn’t completely pointless!”

“If you say so.”

“Prince’s wish probably has nothing to do with that, just selfish desires, right?”

“I’m not allowed to say.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter either way, I’m gonna try fighting on my own from now on.”

He looks at Kyubey, who doesn’t respond, just gives him one of its blank stares.

“I think I’m starting to feel better now, yeah…” He yawns and Kyubey leaves.

He shuts off the light and strips down to his boxers.

He climbs back into bed and tries to fall asleep, but his thoughts are keeping him up. He tosses and turns, trying to get in a comfortable position.

‘Yeah, I fight to protect people, what’s he gotta fight for? Nothin!’ He closes his eyes tighter, trying to ignore the little voice in his head that’s saying he doesn’t actually know what Prince wished for.

Michael also starts to ponder something else; his guilt over Rebbie’s death. Was it really the reason his fighting skills have gradually deteriorated? Or could have been a culmination of guilt, insecurity, and fear of letting his teammate get hurt?

Michael shook the thought from his head. How ridiculous.

‘Why would I worry about him? He’s perfectly capable of taking care of himself, he doesn’t need me.’

Visions of Prince flash through Michael’s mind, and the first thing he notices is his smile, Michael groans.

‘I’m just being a concerned teammate, and friend.’

Prince’s words reverberate through his head, or at least the gist of it.

‘Enough already, why can’t I just fall asleep?!’ He tightens his eyes shut till he finally manages to doze off.


“What do you want?” Prince is lying on his bed playing his guitar when Kyubey shows up.

“Nothing, I just got back from Michael’s.”

“Do I really need your report? He’s fine.”

“No he isn’t, I suggest you keep an eye on him. You seem to care about his well-being, so I just thought I’d let you know.”

He grabs Kyubey by his neck.

“What are you implying by that?!”

“By…what exactly?”
He drops the creature.

“By both those things, what’s wrong with Michael?! And what makes you so sure I care that much?!”

“He seems quite distressed, and all I meant was he’s your teammate so I thought you would care about his well-being, unless you thought I meant like something more than a-”

“I don’t want to hear anymore.”

“Besides, I know you’ll look after him anyway.”

He scowels at Kyubey

“If you’re so sure of yourself, then why are you here?”

“That’s a good point, good night.”

He turns around but right before he leaves he turns to Prince and says,

“Your words and actions seem to be contradicting themselves, you say you don’t care that much about Michael to look after him, but you say you’d do it anyway, why is that?”

“Because I do care, as like a teammate, I thought you meant like, uh…just forget it, scram.”

Kyubey leaves through the window, Prince shuts it and gets ready for bed.

“Stupid fucking rat…”
Musical Entropy chapter 9
More magical pop star horror. Not too sure how good this chapter is but here ya go.
A month passes since Michael made the contract with Kyubey. He’s been practicing witch hunting with Rebbie, and she’s been giving him pointers on how to use his magic more efficiently, not only when fighting, but in everyday life as well.

“Rebbie! Watch this!” Michael shows her five little rubber balls. He throws them up in the air, and just as they’re about to fall, he throws his open right palm in the air, the balls freeze.

He whirls his finger around, making the little balls dance all over the living room. He’s got his eyes focused on the balls till he looks over at Rebbie, she’s looking at the mid-air spectacle, holding a glass of water in her hand, and he gets an idea.

‘This is gonna be fun…’

Using his other hand, he points at the glass, and the water in the glass begins to levitate, and when Rebbie notices this from the corner of her eye, she gasps in surprise.

Mike points his finger from the water upward, making the water float completely out of the glass. He conducts the balls and the water, he points at them at the same time to go up and down and all around the room. Focusing on the water, he points at it with both fingers. He slowly moves his fingers apart and causes it to separate into little drops, and then continues to make them dance, flailing his arms like a conductor at the podium.

The smile on Rebbie’s face starts to disappear and she gives Michael a concerned look, and once he catches sight of this, he stops the spectacle, making the balls and water fall from the air, getting the floor wet and causing little balls to bounce around everywhere.

“I know you’re having fun, but you really should save your magic for when you need it, primarily while witch hunting. You wouldn’t wanna deplete your soul gem before you have any grief seeds, would you?”

Mike looks down at the floor, feeling a little embarrassed. “It’s alright, but lets just check your soul gem to see how cloudy its gotten.”

Mike pulls out his soul gem from his pocket.

“Hmm, it’s a little cloudy, but it’s not anything that can’t wait till later to fix. I’m all out of grief seeds right now. Do you have any?”

Michael goes to his room to check. He rushes up the stairs and down the hallway. He opens his dresser drawer and digs through his junk.

“Crap, no grief seeds…” He whispers to himself.

He goes back down the hallway. Just as he reaches the stairway, he hears Joseph in the other room shout,

“GOD DAMMIT, BOY!” he hears a hard slap noise and a heavy fall to the floor.

“Uuugh…” he hears a heavy groan. Michael sees the doorway is cracked open and listens in. He peeks inside and sees that it’s Marlon. He’s got a black eye, he staggers up, almost toppling over himself.

‘Oh no…” Mike starts to feel a sharp pang of fear for Marlon’s sake, and then he remembers,

“Oh yeah, my power, I can use my fear to protect him…” He focuses intently on Joseph, focusing and harnessing all his fear to work for him in this very moment.

“This’ll teach you to mess with me, boy!” He kicks Marlon in the stomach, sending him collapsing to the floor and crying out in agonizing pain.

‘What?! No, this isn’t right! Joseph should be in pain right now! Why isn’t it working?!’

Joseph continues kicking Marlon while he’s still reeling on the floor. Mike’s eyes widen, horrified at the sight.

‘What’s going on?! I’m terrified! Joseph should be reeling on the floor in pain right now! Not Marlon!’ He wants to intervene, break it up somehow, but he was afraid of what they would say about his powers. His family would treat him like a freak of nature. The more he thought of it, the more he worried,

‘What if they call me an affront to God because of my powers?’ the thought terrified him.

Just as the thought crossed his mind, Joseph stormed out of the room, past Michael, leaving Marlon looking like a beaten rag-doll still lying on the floor. Michael rushes to his aid.

‘Michael, I suggest you just heal his stomach pain for now, if you heal his black eye Joseph will get suspicious.’ Rebbie told Michael using telepathy. She was standing across the hall from the stairway.

Michael took a deep sigh, ‘Good call.’

He puts his hands on Marlon’s stomach and uses his powers to heal his pain. Marlon was passed out.

Rebbie rushes to help Michael pick Marlon up and carry him to his room.

The next day all the brothers were at the studio for rehearsal, even Marlon with his black eye. The brothers were mostly quiet about it. They knew how he got it.

Michael tried avoiding eye-contact with Marlon during the rehearsal. Other than the awkward tension throughout the studio, it was business as usual. They were recording a new song.

As they’re recording, Tito sings off-key during the chorus, and Joseph definitely notices. He storms into the recording booth and slaps Tito in the face. It’s hard enough that it sends him staggering, knocking his mic. Michael looks over at the scene,

‘Maybe I should try it again, I hadn’t actually used that power for awhile so maybe I was just rusty…’

Mike tries to focus his power and fear on Joseph again. Tito spits in Joseph’s face and Joseph slaps him again, this time even harder than before.

‘I don’t get it…why isn’t it working?!’ Michael ends up glaring at Joseph and he notices right away.

“What the hell are you looking at, boy?!”

Michael’s wish power then starts working, but this time he mutes the pain Joseph would have felt and just focuses on erasing his memory, he doesn’t want his brothers to freak out any more than they already are. Joseph’s mind blanks.

“Huh? What was I just doing?” He looks at Tito and then remembers, he slaps Tito again, the force of the hit leaving a bright red mark. He held his face, trying to suppress the pain. The brothers look at the scene from the corners of their eyes but don’t do anything about it, they’re too afraid for themselves.

Mike saw and desperately wanted to help, but didn’t want to blow his cover…

After the session the boys went back to the house, they were whispering to each other, except for Michael.

“Why doesn’t Joseph ever hit him anymore?” whispers Jermaine.

Michael’s ears perk up, but he tries to ignore it.

“He IS the group’s golden boy.” Whispers Tito. Michael starts walking a little faster.

“Now that you mention it, Joseph hasn’t beaten him in awhile, I wonder why.” Whispers Marlon.

“He probably wants him looking fresh for interviews, can’t have any visible bruises.” Jackie whispers.

“And what about what happened at rehearsal earlier, he just totally blanked out after he yelled at him.” Tito whispers.

“Maybe he’s getting Alzheimer’s or something” Marlon whispers.

Michael’s heard enough of this, he sprints to the house. He lets himself in through the back door, and it’s not long before his brothers do the same. Just as Mike is about to go upstairs to his room, his brothers push their way past him, Marlon and Tito giving him death glares on the way up.

Michael’s heartbroken.
When he gets to his room, he finds Kyubey waiting for him.

“So, how was rehearsal?”

He scowls at the creature, instead of just telling him about rehearsal, he goes on about what happened the previous day.

“I tried using my power yesterday to protect Marlon from Joseph, and this evening at rehearsal I tried to use it to protect Tito from being hit too, I don’t get it, my fear is supposed to cause Joseph pain, I was properly afraid for them, but it still did nothing!”

“You never wished to protect you and your siblings from Joseph, just yourself.”

Mike’s stomach drops. “But…you said my fear would-“

“Only if you fear for your own safety, and if Joseph directs his attention toward you. You made that wish for yourself, you never said you wanted to protect your siblings as well.”

“But…but I meant…”

“It doesn’t work that way, Michael. You have to say exactly what you want to wish for, and you’ve already made your wish.”

He just stares into space, unable to believe what he’s heard.

He quickly turns away and heads down the hall.

Rebbie hears a knock on her door. She was reading a book and puts it down

“Hey, Rebbie, can I come in?”

“Sure, Mike.”

He opens the door and comes in, his eyes to the floor.

“What’s wrong? Are you ok?”

He buries his face in his hands, trying to suppress tears and failing. Rebbie pulls him into a hug.

“They all hate me, even Marlon. They think I’m Joseph’s favorite now or something!”

Rebbie sighs and holds him tighter.

“And…and my wish…”

“What about it, what did you wish for?”

“I…” He hiccup-sobs and continues,

“I wished for Joseph to stop beating me, but before I realized my wish wouldn’t work on anyone else but me, I tried to protect Marlon and Tito from being beaten and it didn’t work and now they all hate me because they think I’m the favorite!” he sobs into her shoulder, she can see he’s freaking out about all this. She wants to do or say something to make him feel better, but isn’t sure what to do.

“What kind of brother am I? I wanted to protect them, but now I can’t even do that.”

“That’s not true, Michael.” She runs a hand through his hair to try to comfort him.

“You might not be able to use your wish to protect us, but your power is still a gift, you use that to protect us all the time from witches.”

“But why can’t I use my powers to protect everyone from Joseph?”

“Magical skills for Magical ills, Mikey.” She smiles but his gloomy expression remains unchanged. She sighs,

“Think of it this way, since you used your wish to keep yourself safe from Joseph, it’s one less thing to worry about, you can focus on performing and fighting witches and not have to worry about being bogged down by physical abuse.”

“But how can I feel good about that knowing you guys are all at risk?”

“You’ll already be doing your job, protecting us from witches. It’s not your duty to protect us from Joseph, you have every right to worry about your well being.”

Mike starts to calm down, Rebbie pats his back.

“I guess…I guess I just feel like I missed an opportunity to protect you guys even more, I could have wished for so much more…”

“Michael, just how did you meet Kyubey exactly?”

He tries to remember,

“Right after Joseph had beat me, I had run to my room and there he was, ready to grant my wish.”

Rebbie held him tighter and whispered something under her breath that sounded like “Oh god…”

“What is it?”

“It’s just…that’s a really shitty thing for Kyubey to do, take advantage of you at your most vulnerable so you’ll make a selfish wish, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with selfish wishes, it’s what you do with that power that matters in the long run, but it’s so obvious that if you were in a better state of mind, you would have made your wish include everyone.”


“But it doesn’t matter now, you can’t change anything about it, the wish has been granted, but if you really feel that bad about your wish, you can make up for it by fighting for justice, basically what you’ve been doing this whole time, but with a new outlook, alright?”

A little smile forms on his face and he sniffs. “Y-Yeah…I have a question though…”


“Are we affronts to God?”

Rebbie gasps at the suggestion.

“I know it sounds weird, but we have these supernatural powers and-“

“How can we be affronts to God?! We do God’s work! We protect people from the darkness!”

Mike giggles a little at this,

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“Don’t say anything like that, we have a very important responsibility.”

With that she lets go of Michael and he goes back to his room. He apologizes to Kyubey for freaking out and goes to bed.
Musical Entropy chapter 8
Wowee I didn't think I'd get this chapter done so soon, but here we are. I like writing emotional chapters, hope i was successful.


Lauren Katz
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Hi everyone. My name's Lauren Katz. I'm a cartoonist who occasionally dabbles in writing. I've been drawing since i was 3 and writing since 10th grade. I grew up mostly on classics like Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Felix the cat, and Betty Boop. Also lots of the 90's cartoons like Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Hey Arnold, etc.

I used to want to be a cartoon character so bad when i was little that i figured that i should make my own characters that i could relate to, so instead of trying to be like them, they were already me, or small parts of my personality.

I'm inspired primarily by Peanuts and South Park. Peanuts because I like that kind of sweetness and sentimentality in my comics, a sort of innocence i like in my comics and artwork. South Park because of the subject matter my art will occasionally touch, and i usually try to give it a certain sweetness regardless, or with some sort of moral.

Well that's enough about me for now. Feel free to browse my gallery ^_^


Current Residence: Eureka California
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Alternative rock, Jazz, Classical, Experimental, Funk, Broadway showtunes
Favourite style of art: cartoons, neo classical, art deco, abstract, surreal, Armenian
Favourite cartoon character: Kyle Brofvlovski
Personal Quote: Nem!
1. Can you swim?
Kind of, I don't like swimming though.

2. Are you a clean or messy person?
Very messy

3. Would you ever want to learn to fly?
Heck yeah! Superpowers!!

4. Are you good at cooking at all?

5. If you were forced to pick, who is your favorite OC?

6. Do you prefer tea, coffee or cocoa?
Tea and Cocoa

7. The beach or the mountains?

8. What is something you fear most?
Heart attacks, dying alone,

9. What is your favorite crack pairing? (OC or otherwise)
SwiftFreeze, you don't know it yet but the comic they're in is still developing. They aren't my OC's, they're from a comic called The Trill League that basically makes superhero clone versions of famous black musicians and singers. Swift is a clone of Michael Jackson and Purple Freeze is a clone of Prince.

10. Is art just a hobbie, a way to vent, or a possible job for you?
All three
  • Mood: Nervous
  • Listening to: Wheel in the sky- Journey
  • Reading: Les miserables
  • Watching: something madoka related probably
  • Eating: rice
  • Drinking: water

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